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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sports Therapy Painful?
Only when muscles are tight, have adhesions or scar tissue is present will you feel pain when deep tissue massage/therapy is administered.
However the area is completely warmed-up and prepared before deep tissue techniques are applied and pressure is kept well within the clients pain threshold.

What is Manipulative Therapy?
Manipulative Therapy is the use of Osteopathic and Chiropractic techniques applied to the client to re-align pelvic and spinal issue which are causing pain and muscular imbalances.

I don't play sports, do I need sports Therapy/Massage?
I see a lot of people from professional sports athletes to recreational athletes as well as people who are not involved in any sports at all.
Most people can gain benefit from having massage therapy, as most people have issues with tight muscles and postural imbalances which is down to their professions.
I see a lot of clients who have back/neck pain and headaches who work over computors, right through to clients with leg pain who have jobs which involves standing for long periods of time.
Lots of my clients are hairdressers and office workers who spend long periods of time in the same position.
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