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Sports Therapy/Massage/Manipulative Therapy/Myofascial Taping in Bracknell/Slough/Wokingham

The sports massage/therapy/Acupuncture practices are based in Slough/Langley and Warfield (between Bracknell and Maidenhead)and are both easily accessable from the M4 from Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Reading and west London.

The therapy rooms in Warfield are found at the "Moss End Village" and they can be found by following the signs for "Berkshire Therapy Rooms" once you have arrived at Moss End Village.
The rooms at Moss End Village have been decorated to a very high standard and are located at a very secluded and quite location within the Village.

I am also fully mobile and can come to your home should you wish.

As a manipulative therapist I work on rectifying underlying skeletal issues, then move on to removing muscular problems which have created your presenting problem, by rectifying both skeletal and muscular issues your problems are soon eradicated, leaving you PAIN FREE!

Once a good Skeletal balance is achieved I then move on to Myofascial release which is a deep slow massage technique which uses a wax rather than oil to help correct overly tight/tense Myofascia (a connective tissue covering which covers all of the muscular tissue)and so alleviate pain/tension and dysfunction within the body.

I am also qualified in Acupuncture for Sports injuries but I also use acupuncture for highly effective pain relief for all types of painful/nagging conditions which occur in everyday life.

If you are experiencing conditions such as Back pain(neck,upper back and lower)headaches,issues of pain incurred by your profession or sport(Leg pains,chest,back or shoulder),or any form of muscular pain, then please feel free to contact me, as I may very well be able to help.

I work with professional and amature athletes, as well as everyday people who are experiencing muscular pain which has arisen from their profession or sport.

My aim is to find the source of your pain, give you advice in which to address the underlying problem as well as remedy the issues which have arisen from the underlying problem.

This approach works very well in not only getting to the root of your pain but keeping you from developing the same issues in the future.

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